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When you become a member of bk farmyards Egg CSA, you’re purchasing a “share” of the eggs from our chickens. Weekly from June through October, you will receive about a dozen fresh eggs. Our chickens are cage free, and can go in or outside as they please. Our chickens are fed organic feed and a variety of food scraps, as well as all the grubs, worms and insects they find as they wander the garden.


  • Join the CSA. Signing up is easy. Find out more about the CSA at one of our community meetings, or looking on our website, Fill out an application and choose your payment methods. The CSA runs from June 5th to October 30th. The egg CSA costs $110, for 22 weeks. We have a variety of payment options; you can pay for the whole season up front, pay in two installments, or pay every two weeks with EBT. If you choose to make payments in installments or with EBT, you must give us pre-dated checks as a security deposit.
  • Attend workdays and workshops. All CSA members requested to attend one workday at the Imani garden. Members are encouraged to attend our free community workshops (see below). Please engage with us in the process of raising chickens, building community and celebration!
  • Pick up your egg share every week. Come by the garden every week on Saturday between 11-1pm to pick up your eggs. If you can’t make it one week, ask a friend to pick up your share.
  • Enjoy fresh and healthy eggs. Every week you will receive about a dozen fresh eggs. Our eggs come from cage free chickens, fed organic feed and food scraps, plus all the grubs and worms they like while they wander around the garden.

For more information, please email: EggCSA (at) bkfarmyards(dot) com






When you join a CSA, you become a partner in the farm. Joining a CSA is like getting a magazine subscription; you join up front, and then receive a portion of what the farm produces every week. Some weeks you may get less, some you may get more.

Paying up front provides the capital the farm needs at the beginning of the season, and guarantees a good home for the produce the farm will produce.


  1. It’s affordable! For about $5 a week you will be getting fresh organic eggs.
  2. It’s fresh & local! Our eggs are come from our neighborhood; our chickens live at the Imani garden in Crown Heights. We don’t store or ship our eggs, so you get eggs that have been laid in the last 7 days!
  3. Its healthy and tasty! Because our eggs come from chickens that have a diverse diet, full of fresh produce and insects, they taste better. Better nutrition and a better life for our chickens mean healthier and tastier eggs for you.

The Imani Garden is rooted in the adjacent Our Lady of Charity Church, whose committee of devoted environmental stewards began tending the site in 1982. Surrounded by one- and two-family residences and apartment buildings, this large garden encompasses three city lots and is located in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

In 2008, a group of local residents and permaculturists partnered with New York Restoration Project (NYRP) to restore the site. The garden now grows a wide variety of heirloom fruits and vegetables, and has spaces for the community to use and enjoy. In addition, students from nearby P.S. 140 volunteer their time to help maintain the space, while they learn gardening and landscaping techniques that range from weeding to bulb planting.





Urban Chicken Keeping Basics
3-6pm * date TBA * Imani Garden, Dean & Schenectady BK. Chickens in the city? Yes, please! Keeping chickens in the city can be fun and rewarding. Come learn the basics of how to keep laying hens and how to take care of them.

Chickens for Kids & Families
3-6pm * date TBA * Imani Garden, Dean & Schenectady BK.
Bring your kids for a fun day in the garden with the chickens. We will be exploring chickens and eggs and the difference between factory farm and organically produced eggs. Youth will have an opportunity to hold the chickens and make art inspired by them.

Raising Chickens for Eggs in the City
3-6pm * date TBA * Imani Garden, Dean & Schenectady BK.
Are you interested in keeping hens for eggs in the city? This workshop is geared towards helping people figure out how to actually do it. For those with basic knowledge of chicken keeping.

Preparing for the Winter Months
3-6pm * date TBA * Imani Garden, Dean & Schenectady BK.
It’s getting chilly outside! And yes, the chickens feel it too.

We’ll go over how to prepare a coop and chickens for the winter, working with our ladies at Imani.