Stacey Murphy founded bk farmyards. She has five years gardening experience in the midwest, and has battled armies of tomato hormworms. She has a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate degree and a Masters of Architecture. She has been practicing architecture and design for the last eight years and hopes that bk farmyards will transform Brooklyn's foodscape.
  Elizabeth Ayer is bk farmyard's farmer-in-chief and ecological consultant. She has ten years organic farming experience with five years in urban agriculture. She is a certified organic farmer and studied Horticulture at the University of California Santa Cruz. As the Farm Director and Caretaker at Wyckoff Community Garden and Farmers Market, she taught entrepreneurship to youth, helping them to start garden-based value added businesses. Don't be surprised if she shows up to a meeting with her five chickens in tow!
  Etosha Terryll was born and raised amongst the blackberries and evergreens of seattle. She was blessed with two grandmothers endowed with strong green thumbs and has been growing gardens since she was a wee one. Etosha left the rains of the northwest for the golden coast of california to be a teacher in residence at slide ranch in 2009, where her love and respect for the cycles of growth and decay flourished. Now she resides in Brooklyn and is excited to try her hand at the art of garbage as bk farmyards compost coordinator.  
  Megan Paska is bk farmyard's infamous beekeeper is joining us this year to help us start three new hives! She has mad skills as an active urban homesteader, and wants to help spread urban beekeeping. Check out how easy it is for you to get started with Megan having your own apiary!
  Justin Gerry is bk farmyard's locavore handyman extraordinaire. There is no job too odd for this man, and no meal too local. He can dig your planting beds in the morning, fix your internet connection, and still have time to rebuild your tranny.
  Bruni Torras runs bk farmyard's Ditmas Park CSA. She is a former public school teacher and was an active gardener at the 6&B Community Garden in Manhattan for 10 years.  She started farming in 2004 on organic farms in the Northeast and worked for Added Value Community Farm in 2008. She is currently freelancing for a Landscape Designer, as well as working with clients in Brooklyn, coaching them in their backyard farming endeavors.  Bruni is also a Brooklyn Botanic Garden certified Master Composter, and is pursuing a Certificate in Horticulture from BBG. 

Leigh Ann Tucker is bk farmyard's fall 2009 product design intern from Parsons. For her thesis, she is studying the local food system to design beautiful and important products that respond to urban agriculture. Her preference for hand-crafted, slow-design, fits in well with the slow food movement. One day she will have her own rooftop garden where she will sip her homegrown sweet tea.